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We are located just outside of Wooster, Ohio. My goat herd consists of "about"
30 goats except when the babies are here. We have fun with our goats, and love each one. We have been raising them since 1999 when we got our first goats for 4-H projects! It did not take long from that time for us to have a "few" more.

Sparring in the spring!


We raise Saanens and Toggenburgs. I still have several Nubians but they are retiries and pets.

Babies have been arriving! At this point, all that have been born have been sold or will be staying here. Several babies that have not been born are sold, but the babies that are due later may be avaliable. Contact us ASAP if you are interested!

Since we have lots of milk (most of the time) in addition to offering Herd Shares, I make Goat skin care. Soon after I started making soap, I tried the moisturizing cream. After several learning episodes I have a rich, thick, all natural cream that I am proud to sell, and that my customers keep coming back for. I have been doing this since 2000 and sell it at the local farmer’s market, a local producer’s store, a couple of other local stores and online. It sells very well and I get lots of good feedback on it, so check out my Goat Milk Skin Care site. You will find great information on the products as well as my Goat Milk Soap story and what others think about it.