Bucklings and Doelings

Goat, Saanen, Doe (female) | White

DOB: 2/23/2018 (Under 1 yr)

Harvest Hills Benjeman

Harvest Hills Benjeman

SaanenBuck (male)White
ADGA# S1827642DOB: 3/7/20162 yrs
 ADGA# S1827642 White
The JoyfulLee

The JoyfulLee

SaanenDoe (female)White
ADGA# AS1779563DOB: 2/14/20162 yrs
 ADGA# AS1779563 White

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If weaned by me

Other: My babies are bottle fed so they are ready to go as soon as they are eating well and strong. I offer a discount if you take them early and wean them yourself. Bucks can go as wethers and the are $175


I have several different breedings so if you are interested in a little one, contact me or check my breeding chart. I only have 3 Saanen Doelings and 4 bucks left at this point.

Updated 4/10/2018