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Meet Our Team



Steve is my husband and thankfully he is very handy with building and fixing things. He built the pen, made gates and does lots of improvements in the barn for me. Working with the animals is not his preference, this is a rare picture, but he enjoys cooking, so he takes care of us while I do the chores.


Farm Assistant

Danelle has been making most of the products in our skin care line for a while. When I mentioned that I would be needing help with the farm, she quickly said she was interested! She is great with the animals and they love her! Now she does both and she is the reason I can take time away when needed!


Guard Dog/Overseer

Rommel is our only dog now. He loves the extra attention and he has friends over regularly so he is not lonely. Plus he loves the other animals and takes very good care of them. Once he had all of the goats herded into a corner of the pen! He knows what to do, but unfortunately I don't! Someday I may learn how to work with him and develop his talent.


Owner & Manager of the goats!

This is me! The goats are mine, but thankfully I have the help of the others. There are also some children/teenagers who come to the farm during the summer and help out so that they can take a goat for a 4-H project. I appreciate everyone!

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