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Shampoo Bar

ALL-NATURAL Shampoo soap! Goat milk of course!

Not only is this a natural shampoo with no plastic bottle, but it is also a great "all-in-one" for the whole body. Use it for shaving and you will have soft, clean, hydrated skin. Travel with it and you will only need to take this ONE bar!

Here are some highlights:

*Completely Natural
*Lots of lather – naturally
*Great shine and easy to manage
*Naturally PH balanced so it is easy on your hair and scalp
*Goat Milk nourishes your scalp which encourages healthy hair
*Essential oils that encourage healthy, shiny hair

Note: All of our ingredients, including essential oils, are carefully chosen because of the quality and natural benefits that they each offer. These benefits are not FDA approved. We do not claim that the user will see any changes in their skin. We only suggest that others have found improvement. The user should do their own research to determine if they may be benefitted by using our products.