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Patchouli Intense Moisturizer

Patchoili has become one of my favorite scents. It is beautiful, warm and rich, but very distinctive. Some people do not like it at all while others love it!

For those of you who like Patchouli, this will not disappoint you! Many people comment on the pure, clean scent of our Patchouli, likely because we use a very good qualitly of essential oils.

And… Did you know that people have found Patchouli to be helpful with many things, including:

Helps to heal acne
Helps to get rid of wrinkles,
Uplifts moods
Insect deterrent

Our moisturizing cream is made with rich, wholesome ingredients such as fresh goat milk from our farm, coconut oil, aloe vera gel, bees wax, essential oils and has no dangerous preservatives. The end result is a very rich, luxurious cream which is also very healing and helpful for troubled skin.

A little goes a long way so use it on your whole body for beautiful, smooth skin! Use it after cleansing with our Patchouli Goat Milk Soap for even better results!