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Herd Shares


In Ohio it is illegal to sell or buy raw milk, but owners or part owners of an animal or herd can legally consume raw milk from the animals they own.

A herd share allows you to actually purchase a percent of the herd. Since you now own part of a herd, you can drink the milk.

We charge a one time purchase fee of $40.00 per share which will yield approximately 1 gallon per week. This will vary at certain times of the year, mostly late winter and early spring, during kidding season.

The monthly boarding fee for one share is $40.00. This is paid monthly to care for the animals.

Ex: If you decide you could use about gallon per week, you would purchase share at a 1 time purchase price of $40.00. Then you would pay a monthly boarding fee of $40.00 per month for as long as you own your share. Your share of the milk may be picked up weekly at an agreed upon time.

If you decide you no longer want to have a share of the herd, then we will buy the shares back from you at the original purchase price. The boarding fee is not refundable.

Our goats are fed only forage, no grain. This includes pasture and/or hay which we raise or purchase organic as well as re-hydrated alfalfa cubes during milking. We milk with a machine and our milk is chilled and cared for very well!! We do not like "goaty" tasting milk and take every precaution to be sure we never have it! A number people who drink milk from our herd have complemented it on the taste. As owner/managers of the goat herd we take full responsibility of the care of the animals and that is laid out in the contract in detail.

As of October 2022 we have no shares available.

October 02, 2022