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Grow Your Farm & Dreams to the Next Level

Welcome to Harvest Hills Dairy Goat Farm!

We are located just outside of Wooster, Ohio. My goat herd consists of "about" 30 goats except when the babies are here.

We have fun with our goats, and love each one. In 1999 we got our first goats for 4-H projects! It did not take long from that time for us to have a "few" more.

Are you dreaming of starting a small farm or homestead?

We can help!

Goats are a wonderful animal. If you are looking for an animal for a 4-H project, you want to raise a profitable production animal or have a couple of pets, once again, dairy goats are a good choice.

We specialize in Saanens and Toggenbergs which are a perfect breed for whatever your dream is. Some of their qualities include:

  • Good milk production.
  • Good disposition. They interact well with each other as well as humans.
  • Hardy and easy to care for.
  • Plus, we raise our babies on bottles (and spoil them) so that they love humans and are easy to work with.

There are a lot of options out there and we understand it can feel overwhelming. There are also many possible mistakes that can made in making your dream a reality.

We’ll help you:

  • Select the right animals.
  • Learn how to take care of them.
  • Set you up for success!

Our goats are registered and will come to you healthy and friendly. You can also count on us to be available to answer any questions you will have.

All babies have been born! As of 6/19/23 we have 4 bucks/wethers available. Thanks to everyone who got babies this year!
If you want to reserve your babies for next year, refer to our "Breeding Chart" to see our breedings when breeding season starts. This will be updated as I have information. If you have questions on reserving a kid, refer to "Kids for Sale" for more information. Of course, reserving your goats early is a very good idea as they get new homes quickly!

We also offer herd shares and make a line of Goat Milk Skin Care, so be sure to take a look!

Contact Us Today!

Harvest Hills Skin Care, LLC

In addition t raising and caring for our goat herd, we make a line of Goat Milk Skin Care Products!


Browse through our herd to see which goats you like. Remember to keep in mind the personality you are looking for! Our breeding chart is up to date with the breedings for 2024. The babies that will be born in May are still available.

For Sale

Ready to choose your new Goats? You can choose your new "Farm Family Member" early! Reserve yours today! Here's what you need to do then go to the breeding chart to see our planned breedings to choose your new little goats!

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