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So You Want to get a Goat!

Goats are great! They are very versatile, friendly and they do NOT eat everything! They will likely choose to eat what you do not want eaten though.

A goat can be a best friend, give you milk and babies! They are also good for meat and can clean up any brushy area quickly! They are good to use for revitalizing an area that may be “dead”. They fertilize and can eat many weeds that are a problem. Some goat herds are hired out to clean in areas that are hard to get to with machinery and they do it all naturally!

Let’s not forget the manure! This is great for the garden since they digest their food differently than a horse or cow. Minimum weeds are produced from it. Of course, there will be weeds, but not from the manure!

There are many factors that need to be considered when choosing your goats. Here are some areas to research:

• They do not like to be alone!
• They view a fence as a challenge to escape from.
• Housing is a must! They need to be protected from predators.
• Different breeds generally have different temperaments and strong points.
• They need to be cared for properly. Lots of learning is involved in owning goats!
• Nutrition and health! This is very important! Organic or not, supplements, vaccines etc.

Like I said, you will enjoy your goats, but research first!

I recently published a video on goat housing! Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soxiD6JBlSA&t=331s

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