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Preparing for Goats - What & Why

Goats are fun, personable and creative. They love to be with others and are very unhappy if they do not have a friend. If you have been told not to get just one, this is not a sales tactic! You and the goat will not be happy if they are alone.

People start thinking about getting a couple of goats for several reasons.

• A hobby farm or homestead – milk, manure, etc.
• Clear brush or “mow grass”
• 4-H projects
• Pets & companions
• Dairy production

Here are some suggestions of what to consider when choosing and preparing for your goats.

• Housing - what will work for you and keep the goats safe.
• Nutrition – be aware of what is needed. Do not assume you know! Goats are particular!
• Location – are there restrictions in your area? Do you have room?
• What Breed do you want? – Different breeds have different temperaments. Research them to
see which breed fits your needs and lifestyle.
• Veterinarian – speak with your local vet to be sure they treat goats and that they will serve you!
If you have an emergency, it is too late to find one!
• “Goat Mentor” – This person (or people) is very valuable! You will want someone who you can
contact for the many questions that will come up when having goats!
• ASK QUESTIONS! Anyone who has goats knows that we need each other to learn and should
be very happy to answer “silly” questions!

PS – Goats are not good lawn mowers! They will leave grass about 6-8 inches long. They are fantastic for clearing brush though!