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Preparing for Goats - Fencing

Goats are fantastic at getting out and good fencing is amazing!

For just about 15 years we did not have GOOD fencing. We had 3 to 4 strands of electric in most places and woven wire with a strand of electric in others.

While this worked most of the time, we never knew when it wouldn’t. I came home many times to goats where they should not be! This meant getting them rounded up (a minimum of 20) and back into the pasture that they just got out of. Then hopefully finding and fixing where they got out and finding the short in the fence that allowed them to get out! Frustrating!!!

We spent many summers walking miles around and around the pasture trying to find the hidden spot that was causing the fence to short out. The goats usually gave us a couple of days before they made their break, but once they knew it was not working, out they went!

I can tell many stories that came from improperly working fences, but not now. Suffice it to say, Get a good fence!

Woven wire with a strand of electric is the best. This is what we invested in and we and the goats love it. When I arrive home, I no longer have the tight stomach when I look at the barn because the goat are in! They spread out in the pasture and are comfortable and relaxed. That part I did not expect, but they feel safer now also.

Livestock panel may be ok for smaller areas, but we have had goats get their heads stuck many times, so if you choose this, make sure you have a set of bolt cutters! Oh, and we had one goat that literally walked up the livestock panel and jumped over, so make sure you use a strand of electric if you have a climber!

We live out where the goats can not get into neighbor’s gardens or plants, or into the road. That I am more that grateful for!

Fences also protect your animals from predators, so don’t skimp. This is an expense that is worth it. We had our fence put up by professional, but watch a couple of You Tube videos, get some friends together and put up your own.

A saying among goat owners is “Goats are like water. If there is a way out, they WILL find it!”