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Life with Goats

Over the years we have had many goats and since we have had goats since 1999, I really do mean that we have had lots! Each goat has had their own personality. Some were quiet and gentle, others not so much. I have been told many times that I need to write a book. That is not likely to happen, but I will write some of the stories and lessons we have learned. Check back regularly. I should have them posted consistently.

Our Humble Beginning

Our first goat was named April. We were so excited to have her come live with us. I’m not sure she felt the same at first, but she liked us after a little while. We have always had a love for animals, but there was much we didn’t know about goats, so the poor girl endured with us as we learned.

Our first mistake was not having an actual pen ready for her. Our barn was large and safe, but she was tied to a post with a rope. Long enough for her to have plenty of r

Consider a Pet Wether

Many times, a family is looking for a couple of goats just to have goats! Maybe as a pet around the farm or a 4-H project that doesn’t require milking.

A neutered male is the best for this! They are called wethers. Pronounced the same as weather. They are generally neutered when they are a couple of months old and never develop the buck smell or become aggressive. My bucks have never been aggressive, but I have heard that some are.

Pet wethers are as good as a dog

Preparing for Goats - Fencing

Goats are fantastic at getting out and good fencing is amazing!

For just about 15 years we did not have GOOD fencing. We had 3 to 4 strands of electric in most places and woven wire with a strand of electric in others.

While this worked most of the time, we never knew when it wouldn’t. I came home many times to goats where they should not be! This meant getting them rounded up (a minimum of 20) and back into the pasture that they just got out of. Then hopefully find

Preparing for Goats - What & Why

Goats are fun, personable and creative. They love to be with others and are very unhappy if they do not have a friend. If you have been told not to get just one, this is not a sales tactic! You and the goat will not be happy if they are alone.

People start thinking about getting a couple of goats for several reasons.

• A hobby farm or homestead – milk, manure, etc.
• Clear brush or “mow grass”
• 4-H projects
• Pets & companions
• D

Preparing for Goats - Housing

The first thing to do when you decide to want goats is prepare housing! Doing this after you have your animals is not a good idea!

A safe shelter is very important. They need to be protected from weather as well as predators. Something that can be closed up in the winter on cold days and nights. Maybe your location is in an area where there are a lot of predators that may be a problem even in the summer. You may need to consider something with good ventilation so they

So You Want to get a Goat!

Goats are great! They are very versatile, friendly and they do NOT eat everything! They will likely choose to eat what you do not want eaten though.

A goat can be a best friend, give you milk and babies! They are also good for meat and can clean up any brushy area quickly! They are good to use for revitalizing an area that may be “dead”. They fertilize and can eat many weeds that are a problem. Some goat herds are hired out to clean in areas that are hard to get to with ma


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